Who am I?????

Hello Readers,

It’s a simple site constructed to discuss Basics of Oracle Performance Tuning and Postgres, yup you heard it right, Performance Tuning and guess what, you can’t beat the price because it will be free of cost!!!!¬†
For Postgres, I will cover all aspects of the administration ranging from performance  troubleshooting , replication, backup restore and many more.

So what my readers will get here:
1. We will start with understanding few things which I have learnt while doing SQL Query Tuning
2. Oracle Instance tuning…. that AWR, ASH stuff.
3. Postgres Administration from basic to pro

Currently, I’m planning to write a new post on every Sunday and trust me all the theory which I will write here, will be demonstrated with practical case studies.

Only request is: like you all, I’m also a beginner so I will surely make some mistakes but together we all can help each other and grow.

This site’s motto is simple: Keep it simple.

You can find my posts here:
Oracle Blog
Postgres Blog

So let the journey begins……

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